Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ring By Spring

When I was in college the "Ring by Spring" motto was all too alive. And the closer we neared to graduation the more men seemed to be popping the question. And whether this phrase was coined for the women who were scared to leave college single for fear of never "settling down" or the men scared to leave college single for fear of having to do their own laundry...I'll never know. But I'm several years removed from college now and for those of you who might be ring-less or ring-bearing this spring, let me assure you, either way, there is plenty of life past your Sr year spring in college.

So why you are asking am I talking about Rings by Spring this far past college? Well I have 3 younger brothers and 2 of them popped the question this fall leaving this spring full of preparations for 2 summer weddings a mere 3 weeks apart. I'm super blessed to be helping with random details for both of these weddings and terribly excited to add some females to the family count. (Mom and I are currently out numbered 2 to 6). Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon with Kayla putting together her flowers and I remembered back to all the fun details I've done for other weddings and thought I'd share. And if you are a ring-by-spring girl I'd love to help you with your jewelry, bridesmaids gifts, hairpieces or veils. Weddings are my favorite because I get the opportunity to get to know the bride, design specialty pieces just for your day and perhaps most important, work within your budget! Email for questions, set up a design meeting, or see more photos.


These were the Carlson's Save the Date cards, Heidi brought them along to help see colors and styles they were in to. She wanted a delicate bauble necklace for each girl in the wedding colors. She also wanted copper chain.

These were so fun to make, each one slightly different. Baubles are my most popular bridesmaids jewelry, sometimes brides like to add little charms that tell about their friendship (ie, a basketball for a teammate, a high heel for a shopping buddy, etc). Side note, I miss that old tile...


Desi requested something simple and personalized. We decided together on a vintage crystal and a hand-stamped charm with their wedding date.

Because of their handmade nature, each piece came with a signed handwritten note explaining it's significance.

And of course, for such special orders, free gift wrapping is available. Because who really wants to worry about wrapping gifts before their wedding?


Yes, this is my wedding. Can't it be one of my favorites? And I'm sorry all the photos are black and white. But since those were also my wedding colors, you're not missing much...

My necklace is made from antique crystal remnants of jewelry from several of my "greats" (Grandmas, Aunts, etc).

I wish I had a better shot of my veil, but please ladies, don't buy veils from the wedding shops. They are highway robbery. Mine was a two-tiered ribbon trimmed fingertip. I also did this hairpiece. I still wear it because it's just so fun!

One of my BFFs opening her bridesmaid's gift.

And don't forget your sweet flower girls! Isn't Brenna beautiful? She and my other darling cousin wore these fun tie-on choker necklaces. The tie on style lets them choose the length making them comfortable for photo after photo after photo.... Not to mention they can also be worn as wrap bracelets.

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  1. And I was a recipient of a beautiful pearl/leather/crystal necklace for helping with Jillian's wedding shower. Love her and her creative designs!