Monday, June 6, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Pair...

So I'm a little late with my Thursday Three on account of my son separating my shoulder last week. But alas, things are feeling better and I'm back to the grind of laundry, metal work, cleaning, cooking...etc etc... But that's neither here nor there.

I love earrings. I go in spurts of what my favorite jewelry accessory is--two months ago it was bracelets and today it's earrings. After making Jennifer's Rome Earrings
(aren't they fun?!) that I love so much, I had a request for a pair of neutral earrings that got me thinking...

What's more neutral than silver? So I developed these three fun new designs with a few additional options. They can all be hamered in a number of textures and embellished with any color of beads.

First, I made the Sarah earring. I named it such as it was inspired by a set of earrings my friend Sarah sent me after I totaled my car right after college. She sent me a musical card with a fabulous pair of earrings that have some how survived 3 moves and my terrible organization skills. The Sarah earrings are fun hammered aluminum that could be adjusted in length. I'd consider adding a small cluster of beads at the top of this earring if you wanted more color.

Secondly, I reversed the Jennifer Rome earrings to create, Jenemor (get it?! I thought I was being so clever...)-- a large hammered teardrop shape. I love how this set slowly transitions between two types of texture. Beads could be added to the center of the teardrop or the bottom to create color and add movement.

Finally, I made the Ooh-La-La Loops. Simplicity is key to these hammered hoops. The pair shown is about a half inch in diameter but could be made to any size. The aluminum wire keeps these so lightweight that even a giant statement pair would be so light they'd be forgotten. On a small pair like this I'd keep the add on's simple with a single drop in the center, but on a big pair I'd consider a large odd number of dangles from the bottom. I love odd numbers. I'm odd.

Interested in scoring your own pair? Head on over to and pick out your favorite! Enjoy!