Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Queen of Excuses

I am the queen of excuses, but opening a blog to only enter 2 postings is hard to excuse, even for me. So here I am, a year after starting Lessons from the Sand working on only my third post. Pitiful I know. As I type this long overdue entry, I am forcing myself past my usual excuses--I don't have time to type it in to Word first to edit and spellcheck--I don't have any photos taken or any earth-shattering wisdom to impart. So basically, here I am without excuse, sharing the updates of life at the Marsh house over the past eleven months.

The first big change is about nine pounds and should be in bed right now but instead is laying across my lap making sweet faces sleepy smiles at me, his mama. I haven't been a mom for very long--Newell Simeon joined our family on January 5th and he's been a fabulous addition. There's nothing more rewarding than his responses to my husband and I making faces and talking to him. He's stirring now which may mean I'll cut this short...

Like most things in life right now, I had to put this on hold a few hours, I'm now up to feed at 1:3oam and mastering the type with one hand drill. Anyway, 11months, 3 jewelry shows, 1 move, 55lbs and a baby later, I'm inspired to attempt this blogging gig again--mostly in response to my best friend's blog I've realized that I too could make time for blogging if I'd just give a little better effort.

Ok, enough with the rambling, here's where Sandcastle Jewelry is at today...Things will be inevitably different now that there is a baby in the mix. However, with Newell being a GREAT baby complete with pretty good sleeping habits and a strong love for his sling time, I have actually gotten back in the Studio (which is lovely by the way since we moved! I'll post photos soon) and have made a couple new designs since his birth.

So what can you expect from Sandcastle this year? I have no idea! But as of right now, the sound of a sewing machine is more constant and calming than a hammer so look for some interesting new fabric concoctions and possibly a branch into some hair pieces (mainly because I'm really into those right now). But no matter where I head with designs, motherhood, etc, I will try to keep you posted...yay lame pun, but it is 2am, so let's let it slide eh?