Friday, February 11, 2011

Covering My Alls..

It's winter here in Kansas and if there's one thing Kansas knows how to do, it's Winter. Snow, ice, negative temperatures, high winds. The works. And I get through the winter with heated seats, pre-warmed cars and lots of brisk walking to and from one indoor building to the other. And lots of coffee. I'm obviously high maintenance, that's quite a list. Meanwhile ever outdoor working man has one thing that gets him through the winter--coveralls. My husband got a pair for Christmas. Here's my men looking at the snow--the big one's sporting his coveralls, the little one sporting his Grinch doll. Aren't they handsome?!

Have you ever seen coveralls? Like close up? They're incredible. They have more pockets and zippers and neatness than I can handle. Just look!

And suddenly my winter survival kit wasn't enough, I wanted them. I wanted them bad. So bad that my husband would catch me staring at them and repeatedly tell me that I can not have them. You see if I wanted to wear them out and shovel the walk he would have gladly obliged. But I wanted to chop them up. I wanted the pockets, and the zippers and the snaps... oh the wonderfulness!

So the hunt began...and apparently most men have a similar attachment to their coveralls because have you ever seen a pair at a thrift store? You may have never looked, but they're rare. So after 3 months of searching, I found them. They were perfect. A size 4XL--short. I could have worn them while being 9 months pregnant (and I was HUGE, seriously, 200lbs huge) with my 2 bffs and went sledding like Siamese triplets...come to think of it that would have been really fun. But now they're chopped...and they are my new tool bag!


I love the detail on this little zipper pocket. Love!

Look at all those pockets! 11 on the outside :D

And a built-in hammer holder!

Oh and here's my very favorite...

Wait for it...

A tool roll!

Finally, all my favorites in one place!