Friday, February 18, 2011

Design Challenge

For those of you who do not have facebook, every Thursday I put up 3 new pieces of jewelry and have people vote on their favorites by commenting or "liking" the photo of the piece. It's helping me pick out what to do more (or less!) of and then I will periodically pick a winner from the votes and send them a piece of free jewelry that they have commented on, or something similar. So, that's the background, it's been 2 weeks running and I've gotten a lot of good response, so I thought I'd throw up the last two weeks worth of options over here and get your insight as well! Happy voting!

Week 1, Option 1--Custom Crystal-The centered crystal in this necklace was brought to me from a friend who has had it for a long time. It is the last remnant of a crystal bell saved in the aftermath of a tornado clean up at her Great Grandmother's house.

Here's the full view of the same necklace, it features the crystal center pieces with hand forged aluminum wire and linked crystal chain with a toggle clasp.

It's a fairly long necklace

Week 1, Option 2--Aluminum Bracelet--This is an aluminum process that has been in the works for the last year. A huge statement that has been described as "light as popcorn." As far as I can research, I am the only one doing this particular type of Aluminum work through a process I developed through lots of reading, seeking, and good old fashioned trial and error!

Here's a better shot of the colorizarion. I use recycled metals and organic compounds to create the oxygenized colors and patinas. Truly one of a kind.

I love wearing it. Lightweight with a heavy statement. Unbeatable!

Week 1, Piece #3--Riveted Necklace. The main piece is removable and interchangeable through the double toggle clasp. This first piece was done for my mother, but it's being considered for an entire series.

That wraps up Week 1...and the Winner was... The Crystal Necklace, Option 1!

Week 2 Option 1--Memory Bracelets, Prov 16:3 I love the idea of memorizing passages and quotes but feel a little weird as a grown up with Bic pen written up my arm while I work on my memory. This was a pretty alternative....

Memory Bracelet Close Up--"Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established" is stamped around the outside.

Week 2 Option 2--Stained Glass Recycled Ring

A Set of 2 pre-purchased by a client for her and her sister.

Don't you wish you had a sister who did cool things like that?! Buy you matching jewelry.

Week 2 Option 3--Vintage Button Ring in Sterling with texture and satin finish.

Vintage glass button, sterling silver, cool texture, satin finish, nasty band aid, nastier cut on the back of my thumb. My apologies, I'll be more careful next week!

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