Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Thursday!

Once again it's Thursday--did that week go by crazy fast for anyone else? We had record highs here last week, and freezing drizzle this week. Thank you Kansas. My 1 year old is now so confused, can I go outside or not?! Anyhow, with the cold weather this week I busted out my torch and worked some more in my super fun recycled/organic medium of choice, Aluminum!!!

Random facts, did you know aluminum is crazy lightweight? Of course you did, if you've ever picked up a soda can. That being said, did you know that aluminum never, I mean NEVER rusts? Really, how can you go wrong with this for jewelry? You can't. So, here's our runners for Week Three's Design Challenge....

Week 3 Option 1--Simple statement cuff. Because I know that not everyone wants to be clad in chunky jewelry, but sometimes a little fun can't hurt...

Week 3 Option 2--My Favorite Earrings. I was just complaining to my husband this week that I have lost one of each of my favorite pairs of earrings. I didn't plan it, but these did usurp both former faves...

Week 3 Option 3--Middle Ground Bracelet. In case you were turned off by the 7 links and the Simple Statement wasn't quite enough, this guy is for you.

Each piece in this collection starts out as a plain aluminum recycled sheet. They're hand worked down to the tiniest ding of a hammer, sometimes with flame to create unique reticulations that are truly one of a kind. Enjoy, vote, let me know what you think of this medium. Are you crazy about it? Or am I just crazy?!

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