Wednesday, May 26, 2010

By the numbers...

In honor of my brother Nick graduating Sunday with his degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education, today's blog will be by the numbers in reference to my 1st run with my jogging stroller yesterday.

1 is the number of times I've been out with the jogging sroller, the number of tires needing replaced and the number of half marathons I've ran.

2 is the number of years since that run, close to the number of miles I actually ran yesterday and the number of stable tires on my jogging stroller.

3 miles was the goal to run, the number of tires that needed air during the run and the number of blocks I walked during this endeavor.

4 (and a half) months is the age of my running buddy, the number of times I SHOULD be running a week and the number of times I thought about stopping for a Snickers and Pepsi.

5 the number of pounds left to get to pre-baby weight, the size of jeans I can squeeze into on a good day, the number of months that have seemed to fly by this year, the number of necklaces I have to make today and the final number of this short numerically organized blog!