Monday, April 2, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

I have known Liz since college. She has this quality about her that makes most people want to either be her best friend or become just like her. Even as a senior in high school (her age when I first met her) she carried herself with a confidence and assurance of self that I have come to believe most people can not achieve even if given a lifetime. Strong and beautiful, with a lovely grace that only grows in girls raised in the south, Liz embraced the woman God had created her to be and never so much as blinked in the direction of being anything different.

And as I have always enjoyed watching how God has revealed various plans for her, there is one in particular that has had me waiting with baited anticipation--what man would have the ability to capture her heart? Late this fall I got to meet him.

Sean and Liz just make sense. Although his stature fills a door frame, it is dwarfed by his heart, a fact that is felt with his massive bear hugs and sincere smiles. Seeing them together reminded me of a diptych painting--either one stands strong and beautiful, but together they are strikingly perfect.

So, when Sean called me about making an engagement ring for Liz I was equal parts honored, excited and terrified. He and I spent time searching for the perfect stone, exchanging ideas, sketches and emails until we had compiled a good idea of what to do. We wanted Liz to have something elegant and unique. Something that reflected her personality and style. Racing against the pregnancy clock, I began work on her ring.

I saved our notes and put them all in this leather bound journal...

Then I ordered a vintage stained glass box to hold everything, adding a little moss because, well it just looked cool.

This is the finished product, my favorite piece I have ever designed, now happily residing on Liz's finger. Such an honor, so much fun. Thank you to Liz and Sean for giving me such an incredible opportunity to be a part of your love story.

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  1. Love! This is a beautiful ring- you did such an amazing job, now Liz has a one of a kind work of art to cherish forever. You are so amazingly talented!