Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I Wear Jewelry...

So last week on facebook I posted a question that earned a very interesting response. The simple question was, "Why do you wear jewelry?" While I anticipated an array of answers from "it makes me feel pretty" to "I just like it!" I did not anticipate this..."Why do YOU wear it?" And that got me thinking...good job Tabitha :).

You often see my designs and maybe some of you assume those are pretty much what I wear, which is to some point correct. But I started assessing my favorite accessories and asking myself that question, "why do I wear this?!"

While I wish I could go through every piece of my jewelry and take the time to really assess it, I simply have too much and you would be bored to tears because, as I've mentioned before, I definitely assign value to inanimate objects and therefore own far too many of them. Here's some of my most worn pieces as displayed above my dresser. I have a rule that I inadvertantly live by when it comes to accessories-if I can't see them, I don't wear them. So I've been through a number of display/art/holders for my jewelry and this is my current favorite...

But here are four of my favorite accessories that I wear most often...

First, my wedding ring. I guess that's a given but my husband honestly picked this out all by himself. We never went ring shopping, we never looked at rings online, he just went to Custom Goldworks in Loveland CO and had this custom made for me. Yes. He's awesome. One of the coolest things about Custom Goldworks is that they make all their rings from wax molds so they are forever one-of-a-kind as the mold is destroyed in the creation process. So, why do I wear this? Well obviously there's a lot of symbolism behind a wedding ring and i won't get into all of that. Besides being able to ward off creepers with a nice flash of the bling (don't pretend that you've ever done that...) I find my ring to be very useful in reminding me how much my husband does to make me feel loved. He went SO out of his way (and probably his budget) to get me this ring because he knew I would adore it. It makes me remember how much I adore him too.

The second thing I wear often is this necklace. It is one of my designs but not one that I've ever reproduced, although I could I guess...anyhow. I fell in love with this thick rolled chain when I picked it up at a thrift store years ago. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I was selling jewelry then. I didn't have anything to put on it then except a large pearl bauble so that's where it started. After I started dating my now husband, his sister Hannah gave me a skeleton key from her grandparents farm for Christmas and I added that little guy. And sometime in our first 3 years of marriage Caleb found the neat glass silhouette cabachon and gave it to me for...maybe my birthday? So those three pieces just seemed destined together. Sometimes I add on the large brass backplate when I want a little more bling and that came from the handles of a closet on our first house. So, that's the sentiments behind all of it, but truthfully I wear this necklace because I don't have to think about it. It's large enough to just slip over my head and looks great with anything from a button down to a dress to a tee shirt. I just feel like it's a chic statement piece that I'll forever have and love dearly.

The third thing I wear several times a week year round is my 29 cent scarf. It's the best. It's from my favorite thrift store and was a fabulous find when I was in college. I've worn it over my hair when working on large scale paintings, rolled it into a headband, tied it to my purse and of course worn it around my neck. It's just that piece that keeps on giving. I wear it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the color pallet in it. And there's something about those colors that make me happy so I love having them close by always.

Finally, my staple earrings, small pearl studs from my husband as a first year wedding anniversary gift. He did well. I've worn them nearly every day since. Consequently they've needed a few repairs and the backs don't match but hey, when they're in my ears, you never know! Why these? Being a stay at home mom, I honestly don't take a ton of time to plan through my outfits or really dress up on a daily basis. Keeping these guys in makes me feel like I've put a little extra effort into my daily look. Although now the secret's out. I haven't. :)

So...your turn! What's your favorites and why do you wear them?!


  1. Such lovely pieces!
    I have a very tiny miraculous medal on a thin silver chain that was given to me by the Bishop (Bishop Gerber) when I was 4 years old. I had just had surgery to remove a brain tumor and he visited me in the hospital with this gift. I have had to replace the chain since but the medal was blessed by the Pope. When I was little I was only allowed to wear it to church on Sunday. Now I wear it nearly every day. It reminds me how lucky I am to be alive, and how thankful I am for every day!

  2. oh how cool Samantha! What a neat story. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Jill,
    I should have started following your blog along time ago...don't know why I didn't!

    I love that second necklace! I love how it all has meaning!