Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling the Love!

My love language is gifts. I use this as an excuse for my terrible packrat syndrome. And yes, i do think being a packrat might be a clinical syndrome and I think I have it. but admission is the first step right? Anyhow...because my love language is gifts I tend to apply very sentimental value to inanimate objects and occasionally animate objects (just ask my husband about our shetland pony, I mean, puppy, Bear). But seriously, isn't he beautiful?

Plus Newell loves him...

Ok, so that's background.

Now the only thing better to me than gifts is packages--you know, ones that come in the mail. January was a very fun month, one in which I felt particularly loved. I received not one but TWO packages from dear friends all across the country. The first came from my umm...we're going to call her Aunt but i think she's really a cousin and unless you have a family that rivals the one shown on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you really wouldn't understand the run around to get to who she is to me. She's special and loved and that's all that matters. Anyhow, Nicki gathered a bunch of fun stuff from around her house and shopping trips to antique stores and put together this fabulous little package...

It was AMAZING to open up all these goodies! Note: my handwriting on the return addy, she's such a good recycler!

This next package was SUPER fun. I mean SUPER fun. It came from a dear high school friend Jen, or middle school, or elementary school, or kindergarten, or Mrs Macy's....Yes, Jen and I go way back and she's not telling anything about my 1st grade clown hair cut, MC Hammer pants or anything else you think you can just pry out of her. Just thought we should clear that up. :) Now Jen called me last fall sometime and mentioned that she was going to Italy. Going to Italy with the man she loves (I might be taking slight liberties here) and we're all just pretty stinking jealous. But being the dear sweet friend she is, look at these goodies she brought back and sent to me?! I'm working up a couple sets for her that I'll be sharing soon with some of these bad boys but really, aren't they spectacular!? Hand blown Venetian glass...sigh* love!

So look for some fun new things as I share the love from these two and pass it on to you wonderful people! Enjoy!


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  1. I made your blog! Yay! :) I'm so glad you had a great January, and super glad I could contribute! Don't worry- I won't let any secret embarrassing stories slip- you have just as much dirt on me! And don't worry about the liberties- definitely in love! And speaking of love...I LOVE your dog! So cute! Can't wait to see all the new stuff you are working on!