Monday, October 18, 2010

Green is for Go...

It's amazing how just pulling on my favorite pair of running shorts is somehow motivating. They are a two tone green pair of Nike shorts, made out of some sort of magic parachute material that sends me skydiving into a day full of tasks...ok, I think they're really some synthetic material but that makes them no less magical. I jump out of the shower and pull on my magic pants and get my day started. No need to know that this is all happening around judging. Was your kid up for an hour at 3 am? I think not.

Speaking of kids, Newell is now actively mobile. He's not walking yet but cruising (this is apparently the made up mom word for pulling up on furniture, walls, or anything else within reach and walking alongside said object) This mobile thing is a dangerous cat. You see, while part of me now thinks he must be at least 5 years old and ready for kindergarten, the other part things that I must hover non-stop to keep him from killing himself. He's a daredevil. He climbs things and then summersaults off them. And he eats things. Which kept me on poison control watch last week. Awesome. On a related note, if any parents out there would like a poison control magnet or sticker, they sent me a good dozen of each. Apparently I worried them enough that they're hoping I tatoo the number on my arm...perhaps I should.

Ok, sorry, this is Monday and I'm polishing off my first cup of coffee so this is quite scattered. As for jewelry, here's where I'm at...I'm looking for models who want to wear stuff for my new website--anyone?! I'm working to keep this blog things rolling a little better, finishing organizing the craft room (this is really an ongoing and never ending task), finalizing some great custom works, (I'll post pics soon!) and waiting patiently for some new materials that are going to open up a whole new line of Sandcastle. Stay tuned, lots of new stuff ahead, and hopefully a few less scattered, less boring blogs!

So here I am, Monday morning trying to get all my ducks in a row. This week is already so full but I'm looking forward to all of it.


  1. Sounds like you are having fun. Give Newell a kiss for me - miss seeing you both. Looks like he is really growing and walking everywhere, I assume. Can't wait to see your new line of jewelry. Have fun!!

  2. Thanks Diane! I will have to email you some photos! Sure miss seeing your face!