Friday, February 5, 2010

The Fashion of Mommyhood

The first thing any parent will tell you when you find out your expecting is "your life will never be the same." While I can say I believed this overused statement (why else would people be so quick to use it if it weren't true?!) I can say there is one extent of the statement I never anticipated. It is not the late nights/early mornings, the inability to get out of the house on time for anything, or the incredible amount of laundry one tiny little soul can create. It is my personal style. Never did it cross my mind that a little baby would have any effect on my personal fashion choices. Never have I been so wrong.

During my 9th month of pregnancy, while weighing more than I ever thought my 5'3'' frame could handle (I might have just given myself an inch actually) I went shopping with my mother. Now, those of you who have been pregnant are scolding me from your screen as we speak (or sort-of speak). Truth be told, i wasn't looking for any new additions to my closet, I was trying to up the contractions I'd been having and move Newell's arrival along. Instead, I had a charming conversation with a 6 year old ("I noticed you're having a baby," she said. "I am," I replied. "You have a really large belly," she noted aloud. Fantastic.)

Anyhow, while 'shopping' Mom pulled out a shirt she thought would be cute for me. I distinctively remember telling her that once I wasn't pregnant, I probably wouldn't wear big fluffy shirts that I could have worn while I was. After all, I hadn't been in normal clothing for the better part of a year during which time my selection had become a little more picky.

Then Newell arrived! While I did anticipate the whole still being bigger than "normal" and had even purchased some additional sizes of pants, the real changes had only just begun...

First off, being a nursing mom leads to a fashion dilemma all of its own. After 24 years of working to keep particular things covered in the name of modesty-I now actually analyze how quickly and easily I can get certain things out. This particularly feels wrong when I'm getting ready for church.

After the potentially topless endeavor, I then became aware of my desire for a new hairstyle. Initially I thought growing my hair back out to its former length was a desirable style I wished to return to. After the one time I actually flat ironed it post birth resulted in not one, but two sticky spit-up jobs, I scheduled the chop. And Kelsy, you did fantastic! Less drying time, easy fix, and too short to spit-up in-that's pretty much my hairstyle qualifications these days! A great fix I've found for my super hectic days, I've become re-acquainted with the headband. Such a classic accessory I had no idea I had missed so much! Of course, I have made a few that while they do serve their original purpose, have a little more jazz than your average Dollar General half-circle.

Finally, and perhaps the most challenging for me was my style of jewelry. While I know kid proof will be just around the corner. My style of big chunky necklaces is being invaded by a little face that prefers similar positioning a great deal of the time. My latest piece is a compromise-made in part with satin cloth and metallic embroidery floss, Newell gets a soft head mat and I still get my classic statement jewelry piece (oh and it's large enough to be clasp-free, for easy nursing removal)

My upcoming fashion change-large movable earrings. Once just a fun accessory for going out, these now serve as entertaining mobiles for my growing son. I suppose I should take advantage before he gets quicker at grabbing things...

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